International Speed Badminton Organisation

Cooperation with the ISBO

Speedminton® is proud to have a long-termed partnership with the  Internationalen Crossminton Organisation in order to strengthen the development of the sport Crossminton / Speed Badminton.

The ICO is organising the sport Crossminton / Speed Badminton on the international level and is defining the tournament standards. All information about international tournaments can be found online on the pages of the ICO.


Main sponsor of the SBAS

Speed Badminton Association was established in 2007. In Belgrade. At the beginning there were 3 clubs joining it and for today it is counting 8 clubs and one regional Association. SBAS became a member of Sport Association of Belgrade in 2009 and 2011 association has joinend Sport Association of Serbia. From the first day the SBAS is closely cooperating with Speedminton GmbH company that have most credit for development of this sport . Speedminton GmbH was the main sponsor of all 8 Serbia Open.

Deutscher Speed Badminton Verband